Handsfree Rotating Phone Mount

Handsfree Rotating Phone Mount

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This travel essentials is compatible with any phone size. It securely holds, whether you are still waiting in the car, bus, train or on the plane. It makes your gadget more handy. FLEXIBLE AND ADJUSTABLE

This travel essentials is a must have for you! It serves as a phone stand which can rotate 360 degrees to achieve best viewing angle while watching or reading on flight.


This travel accessories for phone can clamp on up to 40 mm in thickness. You can clamp it almost everywhere, inside your home, office or plane or eve on your luggage handle!POCKET SIZE

Add this item to your travel essentials for your next trip, compact and portable when folded, makes it very easy to slip inside your pocket or bag so you can access your phone or tablet while onboard.

Material: ABS

Size: 93 mm x 36 mm x 34 mm

1 x Handsfree Rotating Phone Mount