LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak
LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak
LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak
LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak

LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak

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Before we introduce the product, let's meet the customers who have used it firsthand!
"I have flabby arms and every time I sway my arm, the fat follows the direction. And it's getting really annoying. These big arms made me feel insecure that I was afraid to wear anything sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts that exposed my arms. I wanted to make it firm but exercises for arms are really tough. I researched how to make the process easier for me and this product came up. I ordered it because I wanted to try it. Besides, I have nothing to lose. I was wrong because what I lost were fats and pounds. My arms became more firm in just a week of using the foot soak. I am so happy because each soak has different experiences!"
Clara Mars --- Denver, Colorado
"I've been living a very unhealthy life. I eat a lot of junk and almost every after meal, I lay down on the sofa. This unhealthy lifestyle had so many disadvantages in my life that it made me fat and made me pity myself. I didn't really have the confidence to go outside and I have really low energy always. That is, after I tried this foot soak, a lot of things changed in my life. The process of using this foot soak, made me feel relaxed and made breathing easier. I feel energetic the next day and the day after that. After 2 weeks of constantly using this, I've noticed that I was also losing weight that I could fit in my old clothes."

Janice Troy --- Topeka, Kansas

What happens in our Lymphatic System and what can we do to take care of it?
Your body's defense against infections is greatly aided by your lymph nodes, commonly known as lymph glands. They serve as filters, capturing germs like bacteria and viruses before they can spread to other areas of your body. Typically, bacterial or viral infection leads to swollen lymph nodes. Cancer is a rare cause of enlarged lymph nodes.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage is a specialized technique that uses motions to focus specifically on the lymphatic system. Our lymphatics rely only on physical action to transfer the fluid throughout the body. It is important for our body's immune system, thus it is important to target the critical areas of the feet that connect to the lymphatics while simultaneously concentrating on the problematic area. It is a very efficient method for triggering the body's natural defenses to lessen edema, remove toxins and obstructions, and improve our resistance to infection.

The LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak was specially formulated to do this kind of task. In a specially articulated process, these foot soaks promote healthy circulation from the feet up to the whole body. It detoxifies the body creating a freeway from blocked roads where toxins and fats exit.

Ingredients that made up the LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak:
  1. Wormwood
  2. Ginger
  3. Safflower
  4. Lavender
  5. Sichuan Peppercorn
Wormwood dispels dampness and cold while reducing liver fire and improving lung function. Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that detoxify the body and cleanse internal organs to boost accurate functioning. Safflower boosts healthy blood circulation. Lavender relieves both mental and physical health by making one's self relaxed and avoiding stress while also relieving muscle spasms. Lastly, Sichuan Peppercorn removes dampness and swelling while improving the athlete's foot for a cleaner status.

The foot soak could make the feet softer and assist lessen their roughness. Overall foot health benefits from keeping the feet clean and germ-free. This can reduce inflammation-related pain, which is good for the health of your body. Some of its major benefits include good sleeping cycles, healthy and fitter body shape, rejuvenating feet, and more energy in a day.

Special Features of the LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak:
  • Natural and Herbal Ingredients
  • Reduce swelling
  • Reduce away elephant legs & flabby body fat
  • Effectively improves blood circulation
  • Infuses a mixed blend of premium herbal essence into your feet
  • Guaranteed for safe usage
  • Reduces anxiety for better sleeping
  • Very suitable for people with weak bodies or sweaty feet
Let's meet Patricia and know how she did with the LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak

"I didn't have the best lifestyle. I constantly lay down and laze around all day and it reached a point that it was affecting me physically and holistically. I became overweight and it made me feel heavy every time that I do certain tasks in a day. This also made me feel depressed. I have low energy and no motivation to even get up in the morning while finding it hard to sleep at night. A friend recommended this product to try. To my research, foot soaks are supposedly helping people to improve themselves. I was curious and ordered the product to witness it for myself."


"After using it for 3 whole weeks, I saw the huge difference it had in my life. I lost weight and I also felt lighter every day, in a good way. By this, I mean that tasks aren't always so draining and I can go from one place to another without feeling so unmotivated. I felt lighter in my emotions as well and sleep better. I was having a better lifestyle in just 3 weeks."


"After a month, I was super happy! Whenever I see myself, I think in my head that I am a whole new different person and it is for the better. This is all thanks to the LymphPRO Lymphatic Drainage Foot Soak! While using the product, it relaxes my mind and body, and every pain and uncomfort I feel is being relieved. I love it and I will continue living healthy with these amazing foot soaks!"

How to Use:
  1. Prepare 37 to 43 degrees temperature water in a basin.
  2. Peel off the packaging and get the foot-soak ball.
  3. Place foot soak ball and soak feet for 30 minutes.
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