Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap
Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap
Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap
Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap
Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap
Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap

Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap

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Keep your mobile safely and comfortably tethered to you with this universal smartphone lanyard strap!
This phone lanyard strap is designed in a soft-touch nylon that can comfortably and securely be hung on neck, shoulder or use as a crossbody. It helps to keep your hands free while making your device easily accessible rather than fumbling in your pocket with each text or call. Moreover, it is also an effective and convenient way in preventing your mobile from getting misplaced. The lanyard comes with a tight gripping metal buckle and an ultra-thin anchor that impressively adheres to your phone case. Eliminating the chances of theft as well as accidental droppings even as you run, jump or make any excessive movements.  

The versatile smartphone strap does not create any obstruction or harm to the charging port. Allowing you to confidently boost your mobile anytime without loosening or the need to constantly remove the lanyard. What’s more? The nylon strap can be smoothly adjusted to your desired fit and it does not irritate or put stress on the neck and shoulder. Suitable for a wide variety of phone models and brands, including iPhones, Samsung, LG and so on. Simply peel-off the back adhesive from the patch and attach it in your case, insert your phone, fix the lanyard and done.

  • Mobile Lanyard Strap
    A fine combo of strong, nylon lanyard strap and ultra-thin anchor that can be securely attached to your phone case and device. Allowing you to safely keep your mobile accessible and in sight anytime while being completely hands-free. Saving you from the problems of your device getting misplaced or worse being stolen by others. No worries as the lanyard features a tight gripping metal buckle and tether that prevents your phone from any accidental slipping and dropping. It also does not get easily snatched, unlike other phone straps which snap quickly with just little force. A handy lanyard especially for those with small hands, clumsy fingers or those who always don’t have pockets to store their mobile. 
  • Unobstructed Design
    The anchor pad offers a comfortable fit to most casing without causing any interference or damages to your phone. Moreover, the connected lanyard is equipped with a quick-release design which allows it to be attached or removed anytime with ease. It even supports both corded and wireless charging as it does not block or harm the charging port. No need to constantly detach and reattach the lanyard when power boosting your device!
  • Excellent Comfort
    This mobile lanyard is highly versatile and it can be worn in multiple ways depending on how you like it. Suitable as a crossbody lanyard, shoulder strap lanyard, neck lanyard, and such. Perfect for having a hands-free conversation, for freeing both your hands up  when needed or when carrying items and such. It supplies an adjustable design that can be smoothly changed anytime to your comfortable fit. The phone lanyard is smooth to touch and it does not harm or snug tightly on the skin even after a long day of wearing. Great when you're on work, malling, grocery shopping, dining out, traveling and such.  
  • Universal Fit
    It is suitable for a wide variety of phone models and brands, including iPhone, Samsung, LG and more possibilities. This mobile lanyard is also applicable for carrying and securing other items such as house keys, car keys, or use it as a card holder and so on. 
  • Easy to Install
    The mobile lanyard strap can be attached to your phone in just 4 easy steps! Simply peel-off the protective cover from the anchor pad, stick it at the end of your phone case, then insert your device and connect the lanyard strap and it's all done.  
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, tear-proof adhesive case patch and an anti-pulling, soft-touch nylon material with excellent durability and longevity. The strap does not take any stress on the neck or shoulders and it is 100% skin-friendly so it will not irritate even those with sensitive skin.
  • Color: Blue / Navy / Grey / Black / White / Yellow / Red / Wine Red
  • 1pc of Universal Smartphone Lanyard Strap